Commercial disputes between companies can be wide-ranging and complex. Our role is to construct a coherent strategic approach in order to identify and address the critical issues. We analyse and assess the available information in order to quantify the probable range of loss incurred, whether due to breach of contract, professional negligence or other cause.

In cases involving alleged accounting, audit or taxation negligence, with the assistance of our commercial service, audit and tax partners, we will also provide expert evidence on causation and liability issues.

Where appropriate, we also have access to independent investigators and forensic technology specialists, enabling us to respond to the different areas of expertise required as the claim process develops.

Our services include:

Breach of contract: we invest time up front understanding the legal basis of claim, whether due to breach of term, repudiation or wrongful termination. Our focus is on establishing the quantum of loss that would put the Claimant in the same financial position in which it would otherwise have been but for the identified breach(es).

Breach of warranty and misrepresentation: we look to understand the underlying commercial impact of breached warranties and/or misrepresented facts and evaluate by comparative analysis (with the past, with plan and with other similar business circumstances) the likely financial impact.

Professional negligence claims: we undertake thorough investigation in order to establish the facts and, in accounting matters, to provide our expert views on liability and the resulting loss. Whether the matter relates to accounting, auditing, due diligence, tax or other professional services, we provide forensic accounting support and work with you to identify the right person to give evidence.

Why would you need Dains Forensic?

  • You are a solicitor and need to appoint an accountancy firm to assess the financial issues for legal proceedings and act as an independent expert witness

  • You need an accountant to help resolve a partner or shareholder dispute by provision of financial information, assessment and interpretation

  • You are a Solicitor and need to appoint an accountancy firm to advise on the liability for actual or potential legal proceedings and act as an independent expert witness

  • You need an accountant to investigate alleged professional negligence for potential legal action