Our specialist recruitment team brings a comprehensive range of services, unrivalled technical abilities, and a wealth of commercial experience to the recruitment sector.

Accountancy Support for Recruitment Agencies

Our recruitment specialists are here to provide tailored solutions. From payroll management and compliance to financial reporting, we understand the unique challenges faced by staffing firms. Our dedicated team ensures that your financial processes are not only efficient but also aligned with industry regulations. By entrusting your accounting needs to us, you can focus on what you do best—connecting talent with opportunities—while we handle the complexities of your financial management. 



The recruitment sector is a regulatory minefield that is constantly changing and yet it is vital for the thriving recruitment business to ensure that margins are not eroded entirely through legislation and red tape. 

Staying up to date with rules affecting Agency Worker Regulations, employment rights, self-employed status, personal service companies and IR35, Construction Industry Scheme, Intermediaries Reporting and the Expense Statutory Exemption is the tip of the iceberg.

We can help you to manage those risks and many more by implementing effective policies and procedures to compliance while remaining commercially competitive.


Strategic Business Planning

Are you thinking ahead? Are you mindful of the bigger picture and your ultimate goal, or are you distracted and bogged down by the day-to-day detail? 

We can give you the opportunity to stand back and consider whether you have the best possible business structure, reward methods, acquisition strategy and exit plans. 

Have your strategic objectives changed or has your business seen considerable growth without the people and processes in your organisation following suit?

Are your key personnel suitably motivated? Talk to us about your plans and let us give you the benefit of our market knowledge, accounting experience and tax expertise. We can work with you to ensure your hard work and commitment in business provides the immediate and longer-term rewards you deserve.

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Management Information

High performing recruitment businesses have control of key financial information which enables them to grow quickly, profitably, and without suffering from cash flow difficulties. 

We use our financial knowledge and expertise at all levels to help you monitor and manage your business. Whilst bringing the benefit of our experience, we can tailor and streamline information for your specific needs enabling you to assess business performance rapidly. With regular feedback on KPIs, we can help you to monitor individual or team performance and ensure that your reward systems are truly effective. 

We can help you to automate business processes and decide on the most appropriate structure for your finance team. We are happy to act as Finance Director, be a sounding board for key decisions, and even benchmark your performance against others in the sector. 



Whether a full financial service from timesheet to debt collection and payroll, or support in the form of HR advice, we have the full range of expertise to help. We can support you through emergencies or longer term and be flexible as these needs inevitably change. 

Our service offerings are adaptable and tailored to suit you, and we aim always to add value to your business.

Where you have no longer-term need for our help, we can interview new staff, provide training, cover holidays and sickness for finance or payroll or deliver regular technical updates and advice, all for pre-agreed fees to suit your budget.


Speak to Recruitment Accountants

Connect with our recruitment accountants today to streamline your financial processes and elevate your staffing agency's financial performance.