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Payroll Services.

Ideal for businesses currently processing payroll in-house or those that are seeking an alternative provider, our payroll services take the complexity out of payroll, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk, all whilst allowing you to focus on areas of growth for your organisation.


With our team of payroll specialists, you not only gain access to a fully managed payroll service but also benefit from the support of HMRC-compliant software. Leveraging years of experience spanning diverse sectors and collaborating with businesses of all sizes and structures, the Dains team possesses the expertise to efficiently process thousands of payslips. Our commitment to timely and compliant payroll management ensures that your business operations run smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core activities with confidence in the accuracy and legality of your payroll processes.

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Payroll Solutions

Led by payroll professionals, we maintain a first-class suite of payroll solutions that is supported by ongoing training to ensure we remain at the forefront of payroll compliance legislation. 

We begin our payroll solutions by providing a comprehensive onboarding process, whereby our clients can complete a smooth transition into our services, in addition to a compliance assessment, which is provided as standard for new clients. This is done with the aim to identify any areas of concern right at the start of your partnership with us at Dains.

Once you’re bedded in, we then determine a bespoke approach for your personal payroll solutions – we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and so we take the necessary time to understand your business and devise a plan that is right for you and your specific business needs. 

As part of your ongoing payroll services with Dains, you’ll have access to a dedicated payroll technician that takes care of your account directly. Whatever your concerns, your account manager will be on hand to action any activity that’s required. 

In addition, our payroll quality control department records and maintains accuracy and compliance at all times, ensuring we continue to provide our clients with excellent service. 

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Why Outsource Your Payroll Services?

  • Eliminate the time-consuming task of in-house payroll processing 

  • Safeguard your business from the repercussions of payroll compliance errors 

  • Offer a cost-effective digital payroll solution for your employees 

  • Maintain agile payroll services that swiftly adapt to your business's growth 

  • Simplify payday through our BACS approved payment service 

  • Tap into the expertise of our employment services team and the broader knowledge base at Dains to support your business effectively 


Payroll Services UK

Payroll processing is time-consuming and inherently risky - if you would like to enquire further about our payroll services and find out more about whether this service is suitable for your business, please get in touch with us.