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Financial and Business Calculators Online.

Our selection of quality online calculators has been created with our clients’ needs in mind, ensuring that you find the right answer to all manner of financial and accountancy queries.

Explore Our Selection of Online Calculators

Our comprehensive collection of cutting-edge financial and accounting calculators can effectively assist you in your financial decision-making, providing clarity and precision. 

From loan calculators to mortgage and savings calculators, these tools are designed to provide instant insights into your financial landscape.  

Whether you're planning for retirement, assessing loan affordability, or optimising your tax strategy, our suite of business and financial calculators is your go-to resource for quick and accurate information, backed by the expertise of our industry-leading accountants.  

Experience the convenience and accuracy of our personal finance calculators, tailored to support your personal financial planning needs, as well as our business calculators, valuable finance tools for small businesses and larger companies alike.  


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Dains has been supporting individuals and businesses since 1926, helping them through their journey of growth through all relevant financial and advisory matters with bespoke solutions. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and discover how we can support you.