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Demystifying R&D Claims (28 November 2023)

Ann Diggins, Tax Partner at Dains, emphasises: “With HMRC intensifying their scrutiny and new regulations coming into effect, it's crucial for businesses, regardless of size, to stay informed and prepared. This webinar is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced within our vibrant local business community.”

VAT and Customs - Mastering the Windsor Framework - A New Era for Goods Movement (19 July 2023)

This webinar will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the forthcoming Windsor Framework, a significant regulatory change that will redefine the movement of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and from Great Britain to Republic of Ireland via Northern Ireland.

VAT and Customs Series - Session 4 - Avoiding Costly Pitfalls

The fourth session helps businesses identify the common pitfalls involved when importing and exporting goods and how they can affect the transactions' profitability and also explains how they can be avoided. 

VAT and Customs Series - Session 3 - Classification of Goods

The third session of the VAT & Customs webinar series explained how to use the tariff to your advantage and optimise the commodity codes which you use to import goods.

VAT and Customs Series Session 2 - Customs Strategies

The second session of the VAT & Customs webinar series covered Customs Strategies and how to mitigate the cost of international trade and improve profit margins by managing VAT and duty.

VAT & Customs Webinar session 1 - Changes to Customs Declarations

The first session of the VAT & Customs webinar series covered Changes to Customs Declarations. HMRC is introducing a new system for customs declarations called CDS. This session explained what the changes mean for businesses.

FD Forum - It never rains, but does every cloud have a silver lining? - 10 November 2022

Mark Gregory, visiting Professor of Business Economics at Staffordshire University delivered some insightful statistics on the UK economy whilst also drilling down and making this relevant to the local market.  This talk was extremely well received.

Off-Payroll Working Webinar - 21 January 2021

Do you understand the new off-payroll working requirements coming into force in April?  Find out what you need to do in this webinar.

FD Forum - Staying Connected in a Remote World - 26 November 2020

On 26 November at our FD Forum we were lucky to have guest speaker, Paula Brockwell Lead Psychologist who spoke about staying connected in a remote world.  We discussed the sense of purpose of our teams and how together we can deliver maximum energy.

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