Not-for-Profit (NFP).

Our NFP advisors specialise in providing tailored financial solutions that align with the mission-driven nature of Not-for-Profits. From compliance with complex regulations to strategic financial planning and transparent reporting, we are dedicated to supporting organisations focused on making a positive impact. We are committed to helping Not-for-Profits thrive, ensuring that their financial practices reflect the values and objectives that drive their meaningful work in the community.

Not-For-Profit Services

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    Highly Skilled

    Our highly skilled group of specialists works closely with clients all year round to ensure a smooth and efficient year end compliance service.

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    Deep Understanding

    In this crowded market, Dains stands apart by listening and gaining a true understanding of your charity/not for profit.

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    Support and Advice

    We go beyond the statutory charity audit to support and advise your organisation by using skills honed through years of working extensively in the not for profit sector.

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    Best Practices

    The financial side of charities needn’t be a minefield; by adopting the best practices that the Dains team can offer, your organisation can concentrate on what you’re really there for: making a difference to other people’s lives.


Trident Housing Association

"Delivering service well and to promised times/costs. Consistency in approach and staffing. Manner that Dains do business is professional and friendly."


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The Process

1. Consultation

Listen and understand the client's business, their goals, and their current financial situation.

2. Diagnosis

Review client's financial position, identify any issues, address areas of concern and areas of improvement.

3. Solutions & Strategy

Propose tailored accounting solutions and strategies to help the client achieve their business goals.

4. Implementation

Execute the proposed solutions, set up necessary systems, and ensure everything is in place.

5. Quarterly Reviews

Regularly meet with the client and discuss how the business is going and review the implemented solutions, and make necessary adjustments.

6. Relationship Building

Foster a long-term relationship, understand evolving needs, and adapt services accordingly.

Not for Profit Accounting

There is no need to compromise on quality – our team are talented specialists in their chosen field and advise clients in a practical, commercial and creative way. Our specialist sectors include automotive, construction, education, haulage, health and welfare, manufacturing, recruitment, and charities.


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We understand the unique financial challenges faced by Not-for-Profits and are committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your mission. 

Whether you require assistance with compliance, financial reporting, or strategic financial planning, our team of specialists is ready to support your organisation's financial well-being. 

Enquire today to start a collaborative journey that ensures your financial practices align with your noble objectives and contribute to the sustained success of your Not-for-Profit endeavours.

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