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We understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers, which enables us to be trusted partners and advisors to your business.


Dains offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for the manufacturing sector. Not only do we provide our full compliance offering and specialist advisory services, but we can also help plan the next stage of your company’s expansion by seeking out the best ways to fund growth. 


Accounts and Business Advisory

Financial management and reporting include a range of functions that are essential for a manufacturing business’ financial health and decision-making. 

This includes ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting along with customised financial statements tailored specifically for manufacturing businesses.

Cost accounting and analysis are vital components, involving the implementation of effective cost accounting systems and conducting in-depth analyses of production costs and overheads. 

Stock management is optimised through strategies aimed at efficient stock control to enhance cash flow, while supply chain financial integration streamlines financial processes within the supply chain to boost overall efficiency. 

Additionally, business advisory services provide strategic guidance for growth and operational efficiency, offering industry-specific insights to navigate challenges and find opportunities. Internal controls and risk management are also prioritised, with a focus on establishing robust internal controls and effectively managing financial risks. 


Corporate Tax

Tax planning and compliance services are provided to ensure adherence to tax regulations while offering strategic tax planning advice. Additionally, capital expenditure planning offers guidance on allocating resources for facility expansion or upgrades, facilitating comprehensive financial planning. 


Business Support for Manufacturing Sector

Using our exclusive data gathered from across the UKs manufacturing sector, we can tell you exactly how your business is performing in comparison to your competitors – and the areas in which it can improve. Using this invaluable data, together we can drill down into your business and optimise its performance. Find out more today.