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Trust & Estate Advice.

Dains knows that what matters to you more than anything is the future well-being of your family, and with careful planning together we can do all we can to protect your wealth for future generations.

Strategic Estate Planning for Your Long-Term Goals

By understanding your long-term aspirations, we can help to arrive at the most tax effective strategy to manage and protect your estate. 

Trust and Estate Law is complex and careful consideration should be given to the structure that suits your needs best. As a consequence, we’ll ensure that your plans are ratified by our qualified STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) team. Your family’s future is safe in our hands. 


The use of trusts is still a valuable tool in assisting families dealing with their assets across generations. Our focus extends to strategic tax planning, optimising the asset transfer process to minimise tax implications and preserve maximum value for the future. Additionally, we understand the importance of customisation in asset distribution, tailoring trust structures to meet the unique needs and circumstances of individual family members. Trusts, under our guidance, become a powerful means to not only safeguard family wealth but also to create a personalised and tax-efficient strategy for the benefit of generations to come.


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Dains has many years of experience in dealing with trust matters and has a dedicated Trust and Estates team that is dedicated to helping clients with their obligations. Get in touch with us to find out more.