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Employment Services.

As an employer, are you operating at peak efficiency? Are staffing challenges causing headaches? Are you seeking opportunities for cost savings? Are regulations and legal requirements leaving you puzzled?

Comprehensive Employment Tax Solutions

The Employment Services team offers a broad and unique combination of expertise in employment taxes and payroll. With many years of experience across a variety of sectors, our specialists can provide the best possible professional, practical and commercial support and guidance however small your query or large your project.

  • Have you taken a thorough and critical look at your company’s pay, expenses and benefits arrangements recently to check you’re getting the most for your money and avoiding unnecessary risks?

  • Is ownership of the necessary policies and procedures in your business clear so that changes are appreciated and acted upon quickly?

  • Do you have access to the specialists to provide broad employment services support?

The way in which payments and circumstances are described can make the difference between full tax liability and exemption. A modern, flexible reward package and business policies can affect your ability to hire, motivate and retain the very best people.

We can help you wade through employer ‘red tape’ and use that knowledge for the benefit of your business and its people. Our employment tax experts can provide strategic support with answers to your questions to take away the burden of compliance and help you to implement valuable improvements.


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With extensive experience within the employment sector, the team at Dains can provide sound advice regarding employment taxes, HR and payroll. Get in touch with us today to enquire more about our services and find out how we can help you.