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Forensic Insolvency.

Insolvency is sometimes the inevitable outcome of the business process. Faced with an inability to meet financial obligations and/or an excess of liabilities over assets, hard decisions have to be reached in a timely manner, often based on limited information.

Critical Questions and Forensic Accounting Support

Mistakes can happen.  We recognise that investigations into a company failure, either through the negligence or misconduct of its director(s), may benefit from the introduction of specialist Forensic Accounting Services to identify potential areas of concern.  

Under these circumstances, frequently asked questions include: 

  • When was the actual point of insolvency reached by the company? 

  • When should the directors have realised that the company was insolvent? 

  • Were the directors' actions commercially reasonable under the circumstances? 

  • Were there any transactions at under-value or preferential in nature? 

  • Are the directors open to criticism and/or fit to act as directors? 

  • Where are the company's assets? 

We work with insolvency practitioners, litigation funders and individual director(s) to resolve these questions by identifying areas that require examination, collecting evidence and/or providing calculations or opinions to assist the pursuit of claims. 

We are also experienced in both the prosecution of, and defence to, allegations of:

Navigating complex scenarios, we assess director disqualification risks, scrutinise wrongful or fraudulent trading, and investigate asset transactions, ensuring comprehensive solutions for effective business governance. 


Find Out More About Our Forensic Insolvency Services

If you would like to know more about how we can support your business with forensic insolvency, please get in touch with us today and our team will advise you on the next steps.