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If you’re looking to invest in working capital, fixed assets, or development to support growth or acquisitions; Dains can advise on the most effective strategies to meet your objectives, tailored specifically to your current needs and future ambitions. Trust us to help navigate your financial journey with a keen eye on maximizing your investment for sustainable success.

Tailored Funding Solutions

We’ll guide you through funding options such as equity investment, where shares in the business are sold to an investor (individual or corporate), and debt funding, through overdrafts, loans, stock, and debt financing, and hire purchase agreements. 

The reason for requiring finance has an impact on how and from where it is obtained. Dains is an experienced adviser with broad expertise of dealing with the fundraising process, and considers the optimum package required by the individual business. This will ensure that the required level of funding is obtained on the best possible terms. 

Dains offers a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to your business's needs. From advising on suitable finance solutions, including equity options, to conducting a thorough analysis of funding requirements, encompassing working capital, capital expenditure, and development capital, we guide you through strategic business planning and financial modelling. Our expertise extends to managing presentations and negotiations with potential funders, advising on the affordability of debt packages, overseeing the legal and due diligence process, and providing overall project management. 


Find Out More About our Fundraising Solutions

With Dains, your financial strategy is seamlessly navigated, ensuring optimal results and efficient project execution. Get in touch with us to find out more.