Many businesses don’t pursue commercial disputes due to high upfront costs, uncapped legal fees, long delays and lots of uncertainty - but with Escalate there’s an easier way.

Escalate – Managing Dispute Resolution

Escalate is a two-stage process for managing business disputes.  If your business has written off debts of £50,000 or more in the last 3 years you can use this service.

Negotiation before litigation

The initial stage - negotiation, will last no longer than 3 months. Our expert negotiators will aim to resolve your case within this time frame to avoid litigation. If we cannot resolve within 3 months, then we will move to stage 2 – litigation.

Here are some of the benefit of using Escalate:

  • no financial risk - you don't pay out unless we reach a successful settlement
  • no initial outlay - we pay for all of the up-front costs, like court fees
  • rapid results - we aim to get your money back in just three months; if we can't settle quickly we will move to the litigation stage
  • a fixed fee - providing complete transparency from the start
  • no restrictions on the types of cases we tackle – bad debt, contractual, negligence, IP infringement etc
  • not just current or future cases – we can go back to disputes that are up to three years old

Escalate allows SMEs to pursue a dispute without any of the usual worries and uncertainty.

Download our brochure to find out more about this service (pdf)

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