Our team of experts can offer technical advice in several complex areas. As your business grows so will the support of our specialist team. With everything else taken care of, we can help you to grow. Attract the best people, create a market-leading pay structure, buy complementary businesses, acquire property or business assets – create a remarkable business.

Our services:

  • Business valuations - Knowing what your business is worth is essential to planning for your future. Keeping an eye on business valuation is hugely motivational and allows you the opportunity to forecast future wealth.
  • Cashflow support - Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Every business has unique cashflow challenges and we employ a variety of tools to make sure that you have the cash to trade and grow.
  • Employment services - As you build your team, we can help to optimise your payments to staff, create effective expenses schemes and remove risk in your business that may exist through the use of sub-contractors.
  • Fundraising - We have access to hundreds of funding solutions. Our experience can help you to quickly identify what level of funding is needed and the most effective way of funding the requirement.
  • Mergers & acquisitions - Many large businesses grow by merger and acquisition, as well as through organic development. Funding these transactions is a lot easier than people think and we can guide you through the process from start to finish.
  • Profit improvement - We’ll help you to identify profit improvement strategies and more importantly, implement them. Real time analysis of good quality information means that you will be able to spot trends and take advantage of good ideas, without undue delay.
  • R&D tax credits - So many clients are completing research and development activities, which can generate cash or significant tax savings – they just don’t know it! It’s much less about ‘people in laboratories’ and more about creative and productive effort. We take time to understand your business and identify opportunities to utilise this generous tax break.
  • SEIS/EIS services - Get the right investors on board in a way that helps them to be tax efficient. We can help you understand the rules and implement effective schemes.
  • Succession planning - As your business grows, you’ll need to identify future ‘gaps’ in the management structure. Using a focused approach, you can take control of succession and turn it to your advantage.
  • Tax planning - So you want to save tax? We schedule a series of meetings, virtually or in person to keep in contact with your business. As a result, we can provide you with real time advice and support, enabling you to take advantage of available reliefs.
  • VAT & Duty - An increasingly complex area, particularly given BREXIT. Let us guide you through the legislation and ensure that this does not become a barrier to business progression.

At DAINSevolve, we're dedicated to igniting your growth and maximising your business's potential. Let us be your trusted advisors, driving your success through expert guidance, innovative solutions, and unwavering support.