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Grant Assisted Services.

Numerous grant opportunities exist to support the growth of your business, and navigating this landscape can be complex. Identifying suitable grants and mastering the application process is crucial to unlocking potentially significant funding for your endeavours. Our expertise ensures that you are well-positioned to access these opportunities, potentially securing millions of pounds in valuable funding that might otherwise be overlooked.

Navigating Funding Opportunities

Grants are available from various sources such as the government, the European Union and Regional Growth Funds, and are usually linked to specific activities and geographical areas. 

Many businesses are unaware that such grants exist, therefore locating any available funding can be made easier by using advice and assistance from our Grant Advisory Service. 

Dains offers comprehensive support for businesses, encompassing a detailed review of current and proposed activities, an assessment of eligibility for grant funding, research into application success likelihood, and the gathering of pertinent information for the application. Our services extend to managing the entire application process, including liaising with relevant funding bodies until grant acceptance is secured.


Find Out More About Our Grant Assisted Services

We are committed to guiding you through the entire application lifecycle, maintaining effective communication and liaison with relevant funding bodies until the successful acceptance of the grant is achieved. Get in touch with us to find out more.