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Business Valuation.

If you are considering entering into a transaction such as the incorporation or sale of a business, a management buy-out or buy-in, a merger or acquisition or an EOT, you may require a business valuation.

Professional independent valuations are highly desirable, with an increasing necessity for objective opinions. Reliance can be placed where there are compliance requirements, transaction negotiations, commercial and investment decisions and on accounting issues.

The valuation process is complex, and is affected by various external matters such as market data, regulation and legislation, as well as internal issues including the disclosures used in the report and the required level of confidence. For these reasons, it is important that a qualified and experienced adviser is chosen, ensuring a structured and efficient valuation is prepared.

Dains can help with:

  • Initial meeting to assess the purpose of the valuation with the aim of identifying any synergistic benefits of the proposed transaction

  • An in depth review of the business

  • Valuation fieldwork using a combination of industry approved methods

  • Desktop research into similar transactions that may have an impact on the valuation

  • Preparation of a valuation report

  • Advice regarding the impact of the valuation on your strategic objectives

Our team engage in buying and selling businesses every day and it is our job to understand the market. It is true that valuation is highly subjective but our independent review can help you gain confidence as you enter into negotiations.


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