The R&D 4-Year Window: What Businesses Need to Know.

One of the most significant changes in the R&D Tax Relief Claims process is HMRC's 4-year window for enquiries. But what does this mean for businesses?


David Bradshaw


November 3rd, 2023


The Window Explained: Previously, once a claim was approved and funds were received, businesses believed they were in the clear. However, HMRC now has a 4-year window during which they can open an enquiry into any claim.

Implications for Businesses: This extended window means businesses need to maintain their documentation and records related to R&D claims for a longer period. It also means that even if a claim has been approved, businesses aren't entirely free from potential scrutiny.

Staying Prepared: The best approach for businesses is to always be prepared. This means keeping thorough records, regularly reviewing past claims, and being ready to provide any necessary documentation if HMRC opens an enquiry.

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