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Say goodbye to paper P11D forms: UK employers must now submit P11D forms online.

P11D reporting provides HMRC with details of employment benefits provided to staff each year.


Richard McNeilly


April 11th, 2023


Not everything has to be declared, but the list of things that do is long and it changes regularly. Employers need to be very sure to keep the details accurate and report them to HMRC correctly. 

For the 2022/23 tax year, any P11D or P11D(b) forms will need to be submitted online through HMRC’s PAYE online service, or through approved commercial software. With the passing of the 6 April 2023 deadline, any paper forms sent to HMRC will be rejected as they will not be in the prescribed format. In addition, paper amendments to previously filed submissions will no longer be accepted.  The deadline for submission of forms for the 2022/23 tax year remains 6 July 2023.   

Anyone still relying on the paper P11D process, should ensure they take steps to ensure compliance with this change of process as soon as possible. 


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