Whether you’re looking to merge with a like-minded company, or buy a rival, working with Dains will help you avoid the many pitfalls mergers and acquisitions can hide.

Acquisitions occur when a company or individual buys the share capital or trade and assets of another company or business. Similarly, mergers involve the amalgamation of two entities into a larger, combined business. Both are common strategies to grow a business, be it by geographical spread or product diversification, and usually result in cost and management synergies.

Acquisitions and mergers are usually complex transactions and can be amongst the riskiest ventures a company can undertake. Failures are common; in the sense that without detailed planning the acquirer may not achieve what they hoped they would from the transaction. It is, however, a powerful and efficient way to grow or improve a business' performance. Depending on the nature of the deal and the level of cooperation between the parties, it is not unusual for acquisitions to take many months to complete. This, combined with the complexities inherent in such a transaction, means that the use of a qualified and experienced adviser is paramount, as a well managed approach greatly increases the chances of success.

Dains can help with;

  • Developing an acquisition strategy
  • Identifying and making approaches to targets
  • Valuing a business and making offers
  • Negotiating with vendors
  • Business planning & financial modelling
  • Fund raising
  • Advising on commercial and tax efficient deal structures
  • Managing the legal and due diligence process
  • Overall project management