Dains - Proud to Support World Mental Health Day 2019

Dated: 10 October 2019 Author: Angela Millward, Head of HR

Dains Accountants is pleased to support World Mental Health Day 2019 and underline our commitment to raising awareness of mental health across the company.

Today’s the day when Mental Health is recognised around the globe and the theme this year focuses on Suicide Prevention.

Mental Health and wellbeing are just as important as our physical health and mental health is something that we should all be aware of.


Everyone is different and our mental health changes throughout our lives. You may have been affected yourself by mental health or know someone who has suffered with mental health issues.

We all have times when we feel down, stressed or frightened and it’s important to be aware that although these feelings often pass, sometimes they could develop into a more serious problem which could happen to any one of us.

Mental Health should never be ignored and although people don’t always feel comfortable about opening up, it’s good to share thoughts and feelings so family, friends and work colleagues can gain a better understanding of what they are experiencing and point them in the right direction for help if they need it.

At Dains, we are committed to raising awareness of mental health, and are handing out stress balls and information leaflets around our offices on World Mental Health Day.

We have a team of four mental health first aiders across our offices, who are the points of contact for any staff who may need help and support with mental health.

Angela Millward, Head of Human Resources at Dains Accountants, said: “Although World Mental Health Day is an annual event, it’s important to be aware of and recognise mental health all year round.

“Mental health problems can range from the everyday worries we all experience as part of everyday life to serious long-term conditions.

“At Dains we are committed to providing information about mental health and offering a Employee Assistance Programme which our employees can access if they need help or guidance.

“We are also pleased to be part of a global network dedicated to raising awareness of mental health.”