Coronavirus Update - Help and Support From Dains

As businesses face an uncertain time due to COVID-19, at Dains we are open for business and keen to help.

Dated: 18 March 2020 Author: Richard McNeilly, Managing Partner

As always, the health and wellbeing of clients, staff and suppliers remains the priority when considering our action relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We continue to take government advice, but at this stage all offices remain open during normal working hours.

For several years, Dains has embraced agile working and many of our staff are working from home. Each of our offices is employing 'social distancing' measures to help prevent the spread of infection and at the present time we have no reported cases of Coronavrius (COVID-19).

We wil continue to support clients at their premises, our own premises and remotely, subject always to taking all sensible measures and to alleviate risk. As a result, we are delivering business as usual across all offices and in every service line. We have, however, cancelled all networking and social events indefinitely - in line with the Government's update on Monday 16th March.

This is not a time for advisors and clients to become remote and I encourage clients to work with us using traditional channels, supported by conference calls and video meeting technology.

I urge business owners to act early. If the last recession taught us anything, it was the advantage to be gained by having sufficient cash to trade. Cashflow can be improved in many different ways and we have a skilled team, capable of advising clients on profit improvement, cashflow forecasting, finance raising (through traditional and sometimes less obvious channels), and negotiation with HMRC.

I genuinely hope that talk of recession is premature but think that it is important to plan for a downturn, long before business performance dips. We can also assist clients with temporary support for the finance function, should employees become sick or self-isolate, often utilising cloud technology and remote working.

Our message is simple - we are open for business and keen to help.