Post-Brexit deal struck on trade rules with the EU and Northern Ireland

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced yesterday that a new deal with the EU had been struck on post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland.

Dated: 28 February 2023 Author: Terri Bruce, Partner

The Northern Irish Protocol was one of the most problematic parts of the Brexit deal as customs checks were required for goods moving between GB and Northern Ireland.

The new agreement - named the Windsor Framework – aims to significantly reduce the number of checks and defines a two-lane system for goods arriving into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

NI Truck and GB Truck, border passing

The Green & Red Lanes

A green lane will be set up for goods remaining in Northern Ireland, while a red lane will be set up for goods which may be “at risk” of being sent on to the EU.

Products going through the green lane will be subject to reduced checks and it will no longer be necessary to provide a "supplementary declaration" if goods are destined for customers in Northern Ireland.

Red lane goods would still be subject to checks and customs declarations will still be required.  These can be done through the Trader Support Service or by a customs agent.

Online shopping – B2C

The Windsor agreement should also have a positive impact on parcels being sent from businesses in Britain to Northern Ireland consumers (B2C)  as Customs declarations will not be required for goods being sent from a UK warehouse to a consumer in NI.

Authorised parcel operators will have to share data with the government to monitor and manage any risks of smuggling into the EU market.

That data-sharing process should be in place by September 2024.

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