VAT and Customs Webinar Series - Coming soon!

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the Dains VAT & Customs team have bolstered their capability to support you in defending market share and margins in a marketplace which is evolving like never before. We have developed a webinar series to provide information that answers your questions. Each session will last for 30-45 minutes and will cover the following:

Dated: 6 September 2022 Author: Terri Bruce, Taxation Partner, Indirect Tax: SME and Not For Profit


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Session 1 - Changes to Customs Declarations

HMRC is introducing a new system for customs declarations. This session will explain what the changes mean for businesses. It will cover:

  • The changeover from CHIEF to CDS
  • The key difference between CHIEF and CDS
  • Goods vehicle movement service
  • Documentation required for imports and exports

Session 2 - Customs Strategies

How to mitigate the cost of international trade and improve profit margins by managing VAT and duty. This session will cover:

  • Customs Simplifications
  • Customs warehouses
  • Processing reliefs
  • Samples
  • Temporary imports
  • Postponed VAT accounting

Session 3 - Classification of goods

Learn how commodity codes work and how to identify the correct ones for the goods you sell using 'the Tariff'.

This session will outline how duty costs can be mitigated by using the correct commodity code and how claims can be made for overpaid duty.

Session 4 – Avoiding costly pitfalls

Importing and exporting goods can result in unforeseen costs and affect the transactions' profitability. This session helps businesses identify common pitfalls and explains how they can be avoided. It covers:

  • How to find the optimum commodity codes
  • How to make claims for overpaid duty
  • Safeguarding and anti-dumping rules
  • How to work within Quotas
  • The importance of Origin rules and their impact

Session 5 - VAT implications of trading with European businesses

Businesses trading with European suppliers and customers can encounter unexpected obstacles and costs. Through a series of case studies and working examples, this session highlights areas of potential difficulties and ways of mitigating costs and reducing friction.

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