VAT & Customs - New £2k Grant

In recognition of the difficulties businesses are still facing with trading internationally, HMRC have launched a £20 million funding package to provide grants to SME businesses to allow them to obtain professional advice.

Dated: 18 March 2021 Author: Terri Bruce, Director of VAT & Customs

In February 2021, we launched a dedicated VAT & Customs helpline for queries relating to the complexities of trading with the EU and rest of world.  The new grant can be used to give businesses free access to this helpline for 12 months.

Access for 12 months would normally cost £3,000, but where a client makes a grant application and pays for the access in advance, we will provide this for £2,000.  We will also help you to gather the information for the application to make this as seamless as possible.

The previous customs training fund is now totally committed, and we would urge anyone interested to take prompt action in making an application.

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