Has 2021 been challenging with the new ways of working post BREXIT?

Have you managed to keep up to date with Customs declarations?

Dated: 22 November 2021 Author: Terri Bruce, Director of VAT & Customs

We are fully aware of the numerous difficulties experienced by businesses following the formal exit of the UK from the EU on 1st January 2021.  The complexities created by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement appear to have created an uneven playing field, making UK businesses less competitive than their European counterparts.

More changes are being introduced 1st January 2022.  Are you ready?

Changes from 1st January 2022, include:

  • pre-entries
  • declarations required at the point of entry to the UK
  • examinations of goods based on the documentation provided
  • vehicle checks to cross reference vehicles to transport documentation, and
  • origin certificates

Further more, HMRC is changing to a new system for Customs entries during 2022 which is expected to lead to further administrative issues.

In our experience, the burden of responsibility has fallen on logistics businesses, who themselves are struggling with the sheer volume of change.

This is where Dains can help!

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we have built our capability within our VAT teams to train and support clients with the new ways of operating post BREXIT.

We are CDS and GVMS ready and we have a wealth of experience in advising clients on strategies to deal with EU trade effectively.  We have essentially rebalanced the playing field!

If the BREXIT changes have been more challenging that you anticipated, we would welcome a no-obligation discussion to share our experience and allow you to breeze through 2022!

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