3 Key Considerations for Running a Successful Business

Richard McNeilly, Managing Partner at Dains and Mohamed Esat, Director at DAINSevolve, look at three key considerations for business owners.

Dated: 29 June 2021 Authors: Richard McNeilly & Mohamed Esat

Is your business operating efficiently? Do you know how the business is performing?

You may be forgiven for thinking that accountancy services only go as far as compliance work such as accounts and tax, but the accountancy industry has evolved significantly in recent years and by harnessing the benefits of AI and technology, business owners can improve their process, systems and reporting to become more efficient, focussed on driving the business towards its goals whilst having access to robust, reliable and real time information and insights to help them make better business decisions.

Now more than ever, business owners need the support to better understand the financials and keep the business on track to achieve its goals and aspirations.

We all know cash is king, but can you predict the future cash needs of the business to make informed business decisions?

Due to lack of time or resources, many businesses don’t know the state of their current cashflow, and this is a significant risk for business owners, often having to make critical decisions without the ability to predict and understand the future cash position of the business and identify when and what additional support you may need in the operational cycle.

The ability to predict and plan for future cash needs is crucial to the success of any business and having the ability to forecast those needs is a significant factor in the success or failure of any business.

Do you need support to help drive your business forward and achieve its goals?

As your business grows, the challenges start to evolve too and the needs of the business start to change, be they about attracting the best people, creating a market leading pay structure, or buying complementary businesses and raising finance. All of these challenges start to shape how you go on to create a remarkable business.

The process can be daunting and inspiring in equal measure, and it is crucial to have an experienced sounding board to share these challenges with, to ensure you have considered the impact on your business through a process of challenge and support. Entrepreneurship can be a solitary experience and the benefit of experienced counsel to share these challenges with, to ensure you have the right structure, right strategy and your team are aligned with the vision, is critical to the future success of the business. You have a great product or service, and you excel at what you do best - running and growing your business - but the support of an experienced navigator will help drive business owners towards success.

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