How are Transit Procedures Impacted by Brexit?

The UK will remain in the Common Transit Convention (CTC) following Brexit from the 1st January 2021.

Dated: 3 December 2020 Author: Terri Bruce, Director of  Indirect Tax for SMEs and Not for Profits

The CTC allows the movement of goods through EU member states, EFTA countries, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

If you are moving goods from the UK across Europe, it is possible to suspend the payment of Customs Duty and other charges until they reach their destination by using transit procedures.

You can also start or end the transit at your own premises by having authorised consignor or consignee status.

Movement of Goods

Goods moving through the UK eg ROI to the EU may require transit through the UK to avoid paying both VAT and Duty at the border.

Goods moving from the UK to the EU would need to transit through the EU until they arrive at their country of destination.

Identifing which procedure will work best for you can be difficult and if you would like advice on this or how to apply please get in touch. 

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