At Dains, we care about our former employees and like to keep in touch with them to learn about their career paths and share their success stories.

We have established an alumni group so we can maintain relationships with our colleagues long after they leave us.

Being a member of our alumni group gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with former work friends and colleagues – who will always be friends of Dains.

We’ll send you updates about events, business achievements and what some of you and what some of your former colleagues have been doing career-wise after Dains.

As part of our alumni, we host an annual reunion where staff who have previously worked in our different offices have an opportunity to meet up in a relaxing setting

We aim to grow our alumni group every year and host more alumni events and activities.

At Dains, we are very much a people-focused company and achieved the Investors in People Gold standard in 2019 which reflects that.

People from all parts of Dains have been involved in developing our DNA which includes developing positive relationships with our clients and colleagues and adopting a friendly approach to everyone we meet.

If you are a former Dains employee and would like to join our Alumni Group, please register your interest below.

For more information about the Dains DNA click here