Goods being either imported or exported between UK and Europe will now have to be declared to Customs at the point of leaving or arriving in to the UK, and if done incorrectly penalties could be imposed by HMRC.

We can provide help, assistance and support for companies that trade with Europe.

This includes a consulting service which

  • Provides advice in the completing of import and export entries 
  • Analysing the companies import/export activities looking for saving
  • Provide a helpline giving advice on how to importing and exporting goods to the EU

We can also apply, on behalf of our clients, to HMRC for authority to

  • Temporary import /export goods
  • Make their own import/export declaration
  • Set up a customs warehouse

If HMRC investigate possible errors we are able to support our clients and deal with HMRC to ensure the best possible outcome.

Need assistance? 

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you.  For a free introductory discussion please contact Terri Bruce tel: 07929 186391 or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you.