Our Private Client team provide a broad range of services to ensure that your key people receive proactive tax advice and support.

We recognise that people in senior positions have busy lives, and it is all too easy for them to overlook not only their compliance obligations but also opportunities to manage and structure their affairs more efficiently.

Our work is underpinned by a deep understanding of each of our clients, their different personal and commercial backgrounds, motivations, objectives, and family circumstances. We seek to be our clients’ trusted advisers, and often liaise on their behalf with their financial and legal advisers, their bankers and investment managers, and HMRC, to give them peace of mind that all their affairs are being well looked after in a “joined up”, proactive and efficient way.

Our services range from the provision of self assessment tax return completion through to planning around new business and employment opportunities, share awards and incentives, acquisitions and disposals of assets, rental properties, inheritance tax, trusts, family investment companies, succession, and retirement.

Our team can provide regular workshops or surgeries to provide generic advice, and then work individually with your highly-valued staff. We can help them deal with existing issues and plan effectively for forthcoming events and for their longer-term future.

High performing people react well to the comfort of knowing that their personal affairs are in order and by providing access to specialist advisors, employers can demonstrate empathy for the busy lives that key staff lead.

Private Client - Accounting & Advisory Services