iXBRL tagging is another important area for consideration by Senior Accounting Officers, who are required to ensure that tagging arrangements are regularly tested. Our team can provide this outsourced service, providing reassurance to the SAO that tagging has been completed competently and cost efficiently.

iXBRL Tagging

Our team will take receipt of your accounts in any format and will rigorously test the tagging prior to submission via the HMRC gateway.

Amongst our iXBRL tagging clients are some very large Owner Managed Businesses and Plc’s, with complex tagging requirements.

Working with Head of Tax and Finance functions, we ensure that we have open dialogue in respect of any potentially contentious tagging decisions.

Year end support

Year end support normally involves our specialist team in completing Corporate Tax computations.

Our team work with many large corporate clients, with complex group structures on a daily basis. Our aim on every occasion is to complete our work in a timely and cost effective manner but also with an eye on establishing opportunities to reduce cost and risk.

By engaging with our clients well ahead of their year end you are assured that our compliance service is enhanced with the possibility of establishing tax reduction strategies or at the very least a hassle free experience.

Our Corporate Tax team work exclusively on corporate tax and complement the service provided by our VAT and Indirect Tax team and Employment Tax team.

UK Patent Box

This generous relief still evades many businesses, not least because of the complexity of legislation and further changes announced in 2016.

Our team has worked on numerous successful claims, which are optimised by accurate and precise presentation to HMRC.

Whilst the process is complex, it need not be onerous and we are happy to complete the full submission, working with information provided by the finance function.

Our team boasts a 100% record on R&D and Patent Box claims and frequently upscale the claim through the application of our detailed knowledge.