Given the increased level of activity from HMRC this is a key area of attention for many businesses. However, being compliant is only part of the solution we aim to provide.

It remains the case that with careful strategic planning, there are opportunities to reduce the tax take, whilst continuing to provide an attractive benefits package to employees.

Following a review and compliance audit of systems and controls, we frequently establish new opportunities that have not been considered, not least because the focus is frequently on remaining compliant.

Amongst our client base, we can boast a number of blue chip businesses that regularly work with our specialist team to develop high quality, tax efficient reward packages, which benefit all stakeholders.


Expatriate Tax Advice

Our Expatriate Tax specialists support companies and their employees with the issues arising on moving from one country to another. In an increasingly global market and moving to a post Brexit era, there is much uncertainty is this important area.

Where a client is considering sending an expat abroad, we complete a full review to include salary, benefits and incentives for the expat in order that the costs can be correctly identified. This will of course include a full analysis of payroll taxes in the assignment country before the assignment takes place.

Our international network is supported through our affiliation with IAPA – one of the top 25 International Networks globally with combined revenue of over £1 billion per annum.