Any dispute, whether it is at a corporate or individual level, can become tainted with bitterness and vigorously fought, at times beyond commercial reasonableness but this is never more the case that with a proportion of matrimonial disputes. The emotional as well as financial impact of this type of case can be devastating to the parties such that a prompt and demonstrably fair resolution is invariably to be preferred for the good of the entire family unit.

Our objective is to manage these situations with necessary appropriate professional detachment whilst remaining sensitive to the position in which the parties find themselves. Accordingly, we are invariably required to investigate not only the issues that are relevant to the dispute between husband and wife but also to assess the practical means by which a settlement may be funded, taking account also of any tax consequences of extracting cash from a family business.

As with the other types of litigation, we can act as party experts, single joint expert, expert advisers or merely provide informal advice to assist you in family cases. Our expert witnesses are all experienced and capable of giving persuasive evidence at a hearing should this be required.

We have acted in numerous matrimonial matters covering a wide variety of businesses. We seek to explain clearly the financial issues to aid the cost effective settlement of disputes. We offer our team's extensive experience to provide independent and objective advice in the financial aspects of matrimonial disputes, including:-

  • Valuation of the Business
  • Assessment of Capacity to Pay income
  • Evaluating the ability of the parties to raise funds on the strength of their ownership of shares and other assets
  • Unearthing hidden assets, and
  • Advising on tax implications on the division or disposal of assets.

We are happy to be instructed either as Single Joint Expert or Party Expert on behalf of the Applicant or Respondent. We are also happy to act as an advisor if that is felt to be the most appropriate role.

Why would you need Dains Forensic?

  • You are a family lawyer who needs to appoint an accountancy firm to assess the financial issues for family proceedings and to act as an independent expert witness

  • You need specialist forensic accounting support in order to help you understand and assess the reports prepared by the appointed single joint expert in divorce proceedings, whether to assist in cross-examination or to provide a formal second opinion.