Financial crime is on the increase and now one of the most prolific offences committed in the UK.

Our Assurance+ Plus Scheme can help you manage risk effectively to protect your company’s reputation and ensure you remain compliant with ever changing financial regulations at the same time.

The approach to financial crime is proportionate to the size and nature of your business.

We’ll spend time understanding how you operate and develop a preventative financial crime risk management programme which is specifically tailored for your company needs.

Financial crime can have a huge impact on your business which could have a devastating short-term and long-term effect if you’re not taking preventative measures and managing risk effectively.

How can Assurance Plus+ help?

  • We provide anti-financial crime solutions to help you protect your reputation and finances
  • We interact with your senior managers and employees and undertake financial crime risk assessments and facilitated workshops to get to know your business
  • We record our findings and identify best practice to corroborate your existing controls, systems, processes and procedures

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What are the key benefits of Assurance Plus+?

  • Protects your business from financial crime and reputational risk
  • Delivers clear objectives to assess and address financial crime risks
  • Provides a risk response with recommendations for improvement
  • Financial Crime Risk Assessment is assessed against high risk areas of your business e.g payroll, procurement, accounts
  • Flexible and convenient for your business
  • Focuses on financial crime risk reduction and immediate improvement

For more information, about the Assurance Plus+ scheme, please submit an enquiry via our website.