There are many reasons why a financial investigation may be required and these need not be contentious or litigious. There may be issues that require comfort and assurance over and above that that they obtain from their normal accounting or audit procedures. We have experience of numerous ad-hoc financial investigations, and can apply our investigatory skills in a wide and varied set of circumstances.

What is Fraud? “the wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”

Fraud is not a victimless crime and is not restricted to financial loss and reputational risk. Many organisations overlook the impact of internal fraud and are unaware how much senior management time and resource can be taken up, as well as the damaging effect on morale and trust it can have.

Whether you need help with: 

  • potential exposure to fraud and corruption, or 
  • want to increase your understanding of how to mitigate or remove fraud and corruption risk from your organisation,

 the Dain's counter fraud service will respond quickly to any concerns and make sure we deliver a bespoke service for you.

We recognise there is always a need for fraud investigations in any workplace and that the investigation process must adhere to civil and where required criminal standards and frameworks. Failing to adhere to these standards and frameworks can expose an organisation to legal challenge and potentially prejudice future proceedings against individuals.

We recognise a comprehensive and successful fraud risk management framework interlinks with robust governance and a proportionate strategic and operational approach of addressing fraud and corruption. We also recognise the importance that this must be proportionate to the size and nature of your organisation.

Also, since the inception of the Bribery Act (2010) it is an offence for an organisation to fail to prevent bribery. To provide a statutory defence against the corporate offence your organisation you must prove that you had adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery.

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