For over 25 years, our forensic partners have been working with clients to develop their dispute resolution strategy and where required to provide Expert Witness Services. We combine our wide-range of commercial experience across diverse industry sectors in order to provide relevant expert advice on the financial, economic and valuation aspects of civil claims. Our approach is flexible, tailored to the specific circumstances of the claim and the dispute process, whether litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert determination or informal negotiation.

For smaller, less complex claims, we may be asked to adopt a stage approach to our services, starting with a limited scope or desktop review. We offer a speedy and focussed service through which we review and comment on identified documents, leading to a confidential assessment in which we identify:

  • Errors in the claim
  • Information gaps and/or inconsistencies
  • Sweeping and unsupported conclusions
  • Anomalies and potential fraud

Our objective is to provide a cost effective solution to your problem, prompting am early negotiated settlement or a decision to proceed to litigation, where we can continue to act as your accounting expert should you so decide. When disputes cannot be contained within an early settlement and proceed to the next stage of litigation, we work with client and legal teams  throughout the dispute process, providing relevant advice on the financial and practical issues at stake.

We apply a consistent forensic methodology but tailor our services to each particular case and client. Our forensic assignments projects fall into the following broad categories:

  • Commercial Disputes
  • International Arbitration
  • Transactional and Shareholder Disputes