Whilst most business owners consider the need for pensions to fund their long retirement years, very few understand how they can turn their most valuable asset, their business, into cash. Dains can open the door to this becoming a reality.

Business owners often have the objective to retire, pursue other business interests, extract capital from the business, hand over to a more experienced or enthusiastic management team, or take advantage of favourable market conditions.

Whilst an immediate exit may can come through a business sale or management buy-out/buy-in, business transfers are unlikely to occur in the short term. Dains can formulate a succession plan structure the build up to the eventual exit. We consider all options including the identification of potential successors, the eventual timing of the sale, valuation of the business and maximisation of the value for sale and any tax issues. As a result, Dains will ensure that the process is well planned, and achieves the best possible value for the business in the least stressful manner.

Dains can help with;

  • Initial meeting to assess the key issues
  • An in depth review of the business
  • Analysis of each of the various exit options
  • A valuation of the business
  • Advice regarding the timing of the exit and growth required to meet personal requirements
  • Assistance on grooming the business for sale including profit maximisation techniques
  • Consideration of the tax effects of any future transaction
  • Other Lead Advisory Services available include;
  • Business Sales
  • Management Buy-outs or Buy-ins
  • Fund raising