If you’re thinking of expanding your company through acquisition, or are contemplating a management buy-in or management buy-out, then you need to be sure that your investment is as free from risk as possible.

Due diligence and investigations examine the financial, commercial and legal aspects of your business and provide comfort on the financial position of the company, identifying key financial and commercial risks.

Due diligence and investigations are conducted as a prelude to a significant transaction, such as an acquisition or management buy-in/buy-out.

The processes are focused around the financial, commercial and legal aspects of the business, and involve extensive investigation which results in providing comfort on the financial position of the target or subject company and identification of the key financial and commercial risks involved.

Due diligence investigations can range from a one-day review to the preparation of a detailed long-form report. Therefore, it is essential that a qualified adviser is appointed to tailor the level of investigation to the nature, size and requirements of the target and all parties involved.

Dains can help with:

  • Identification of the inherent risks of a transaction
  • Recommendations as to the scope of investigative work to be performed
  • On site fieldwork conducted discreetly by an experienced team
  • Attendance at data-room meetings
  • Completion of a concise report detailing the findings of the exercise
  • Recommendations to minimise risk where areas of concern are highlighted
  • Project management including liaison with other due diligence professionals
  • Pre-lending reviews for debt providers

Other Lead Advisory Services available include:

  • Business acquisitions and mergers
  • Management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • Finance raising

Other Transaction Support Services available include:

  • Business planning and financial modelling
  • Transaction tax
  • Pensions advisory

Audit services are provided by our dedicated team of professionals who have experience of handling transactions across a wide spectrum of business sectors. Other Lead Advisory and Transaction Support Services are provided by a specialist team drawn from Dains Corporate Finance and other specialist departments.