Our specialist team has significant experience in dealing with R&D Tax credits and a detailed knowledge of the SME and large company rules.

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits

Through careful examination of qualifying projects, we work with clients to optimise the claim and have an excellent working relationship with HMRC.

On many occasions, our team has identified qualifying activity which has been previously unclaimed and worked with clients to make retrospective claims, allowable under the scheme rules.

Our work goes beyond claim submission and liaison with HMRC but can also be tailored to provide internal support and advice to technical and finance teams, involved in the provision of information for the claim.

Depending on the nature of the assignment, we are able to consult on a fixed fee or success fee basis.


UK Patent Box

This generous relief still evades many businesses, not least because of the complexity of legislation and further changes announced in 2016.

Our team has worked on numerous successful claims, which are optimised by accurate and precise presentation to HMRC.

Whilst the process is complex, it need not be onerous and we are happy to complete the full submission, working with information provided by the finance function.

Our team have a successful record of R&D and Patent Box claims and frequently maximise the claim through the application of our detailed knowledge.