There are scores of grants out there that you can apply for to try and help grow your business, but do you know where to find them, or how to apply? You could be missing out of millions of pounds worth of funding.

Grants are available from various sources such as the government, the European Union and Regional Growth Funds, and are usually linked to specific activities and geographical areas.

Many businesses are unaware that such grants exist, therefore locating any available funding can be made easier by using advice and assistance from our Grant Advisory Service.

Dains can help with:

  • An in depth review of the business to establish its current and proposed activities
  • An assessment of the business' eligibility for grant funding
  • Research and enquiries into the likelihood of successful applications
  • Gathering together the relevant information and documentation for the application
  • Application and liaison with the relevant funding bodies through to grant acceptance

The money is out there – we’ll work together to secure it.