Whilst businesses will be looking at how their UK workers travel and work in the EU they will also need to consider if the skills provision is right across the business.

Key points to consider are:

  • What skills does your business need post-Brexit?
  • Does your business have a skills gap?
  • Is there a need for you to upskill your employees?
  • Is your business utilising the skills of your existing workforce?
  • Is your skills provision right and does it achieve the right outcome for learners?

Customs: Imports/Exports Training

If you are involved in importing and exporting goods and services are your staff sufficiently trained to deal with the new procedures in place following Brexit? 

We are official Customs training providers and can help you access fully grant funded training to get your workforce up to date and prevent delays in the transportation of goods and potential HMRC penalties?  Find out more 

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