As we all know, cash is king and without it your business can face very difficult times. It is vital to know your current cash flow situation and to be prepared for how that could be affected by Brexit.

Key points to consider are:

  • Does your business have cashflow issues which may be further impacted by Brexit?
  • Are you having difficulties in raising finance?
  • Are your cash flow and profit forecasts out of date?

Raising finance

Dains has access to a unique range of funders, through our partnerships with Caple and Capitalise as well as the traditional debt funding providers offering overdrafts, loans, stock and invoice financing, property finance, lease finance and HP.

We consider the optimum package which your business requires. This will ensure that the required level of funding is obtained on the best possible terms.

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It’s important that you prepare for the future as much as possible during these challenging times.

We can work with your business to predict how your business is likely to perform in the future and use financial modelling to calculate future figures based on your company’s financial statements.

This important process helps businesses to identify funding solutions which provide cash headroom in the medium to long term and ensure that business owners can concentrate on running their business, rather than constantly re-negotiating with funding providers.

Did you see the video we did around forecasting during the initial Covid-19 pandemic?  Watch it below.


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